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KazakhExport employees took part in the "Car Free Day" action

Employees of the export insurance company KazakhExport went to work on foot and by bicycle, supporting the global "Car Free Day" campaign. The campaign is held around the world each year on September 22 to promote the idea of walking and cycling.

"The event is good for both general environmental well-being and your own health," said Ainur Anesova, general manager of KazakhExport's Insurance Department.

By their own example, employees of a national company urged drivers to give up their cars for a day and switch to public transport, bicycles or simply walk.

"The campaign is relevant for big cities, where the number of vehicles and, consequently, harmful emissions into the atmosphere is growing every year. We urge at least one day a year to use an environmentally friendly mode of transport or walk," said Jadyra Manasova, deputy director of the Risk Management Department.

The Almaty office of the company also joined the action. Under the leadership of Dauren Nuranov, head of "KazakhExport" representative office in Almaty, the office employees came to work on electric scooters.

"You can find a lot of scooter parking lots around our city. Not only convenient, but also an inexpensive way to move around the city without traffic jams," said  Nuranov D.

Recall that World Car Free Day under the slogan "The city as a space for people, a space for life" has been taking place in many countries since 1998.