International Financial Institutions and Foreign Development Institutions

International cooperation

KazakhExport is actively developing international cooperation. To date, agreements on cooperation have been signed with major foreign export credit agencies: EXIAR JSC (Russian Federation), Eximgarant of Belarus (Republic of Belarus), Export Insurance Agency of Armenia CJSC (Republic of Armenia), Islamic Corporation for the Insurance of Investment and Export Credit ICIEC (Saudi Arabia), Export Guarantee Fund of Iran (Iran), SACE (Italy), China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation SINOSURE (PRC), Export Credit Insurance Corporation KUKE (Poland), Korea Trade Insurance Corporation (Korea) , Nippon Export and Investment Organization (Japan), EGAP (Czech Republic), Export-Import Insurance Company "Uzbekinvest" (Republic of Uzbekistan), CESCE (Spain), Russian Agency for Export Credit and Investment Insurance (Russian Federation), Export and Investment Promotion Foundation AZPROMO (Republic of Azerbaijan), Wuhan Asia Europe Logistics Co. Ltd (PRC), Hunan Zhonghong Investment Management Co. Ltd (PRC).