Sustainable Management | Export credit agency of Kazakhstan

Sustainable Management

As a socially responsible organization, "Export credit agency of Kazakhstan" JSC carries out its activities based on the principles of transparency and ethics, understanding that it has an impact on the economy, society and the environment to some extent. In its activities, "Export credit agency of Kazakhstan" JSC is guided by the principles of sustainable development and tries to achieve a balance between socio-economic and environmental development, as well as shares the UN Global Сompact principles. In 2019, "Export credit agency of Kazakhstan" JSC (hereinafter referred to as the Company) adopted the Sustainable Development Policy of "Export credit agency of Kazakhstan" JSC (Resolution of the Board of Directors No. 48 dated November 20, 2019). According to the Policy, the Company has set long-term targets for itself in certain areas and developed an Action Plan on implementation of this Sustainable Development Policy of the Company for 2020-2021 to integrate sustainable development issues into the Company's business processes.

The Company ensures that its economic, environmental and social goals are consistent with long-term sustainable development.

Economic Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

ensuring the interests of the Sole Shareholder

ensuring transparent competitive procedures and equal employment opportunities

minimization of impacts on biological and physical natural systems

break-even of the Company's activities


fair remuneration and respect for employees' rights

optimal use of limited resources

improving the efficiency of processes

training and professional development of employees

using conservation technologies

promotion of development of non-primary economy, including the growth in exports of non-primary industries and goods

implementation of internal and external social programs


Intolerance of Corruption



Important tasks facing the Company and promoting its contribution to sustainable development are improvement of economic efficiency, increase in exports of non-primary goods, works and services, personnel development and ensuring stability in working conditions, maintaining a high level of safety, as well as achievement of effective interaction with stakeholders on a regular basis.

Achieving high economic and social results in the long term is possible only on the basis of respect for the interests of shareholders, the state, employees, suppliers and customers of the Company, financial institutions and other stakeholders.

Support for International Initiatives for Sustainable Development

Since 2017, the Company has been a member of the UN Global Compact, the broadest international initiative in the field of social responsibility, which unites more than 12 thousand companies from more than 160 countries. The Global Compact declares ten principles in the area of human rights, labor relations, environmental protection and the fight against corruption, which its participants voluntarily adhere to. The Global Compact calls on participants to support the UN sustainable development goals aimed at improving the well-being of present and future generations.

One of the Company's‑ core values is responsible business conduct. The Сompany adheres to and shares the principles of international declarations on human rights, labor relations, anti-corruption, and environmental protection, including the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

The principles of these international documents are enshrined in the Company's internal regulatory documents and integrated into the Company's business processes.

Business Ethics

The main thing that determines the success of each company is its employees. The reputation, authority, successful and sustainable development of the company depend on each of us. The Company pays great attention to providing a favorable psychological climate and creating conditions for realizing the potential of each employee. The Company has a Code of Business Ethics (hereinafter referred to as the Code) developed in accordance with the best international practices.

The Code is one of the most important tools of corporate culture. Corporate values and guidelines set out in the Code require every employee to be consciously active and proactive. Adherence of all employees to the same principles and standards of behavior contributes to the formation of a reliable and highly professional team united by common goals, culture of behavior and traditions, and also helps to maintain a proper level of mutual understanding both within the company and with business partners and clients.

Working in the Company provides for strict compliance by all employees with legal, ethical and professional norms and standards that meet the requirements of the state, the market and society, and form the basis of the term "compliance". The Сompany adheres to the principle of non-acceptance of corruption in all forms and corruption manifestations in the implementation of both operational and other types of activities.

Interaction with Stakeholders

Interaction with stakeholders is one of the components in the business process organization system. The Company strives to form partnership, long-term, fruitful, trusting and mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders – shareholders, employees, suppliers and customers, as well as public authorities.

The Company builds its relationships with stakeholders based on the principle of social responsibility of business. The projects supported by the Company give a new impetus to the development of domestic enterprises and contribute to increasing the export of domestic goods, works and services.

Building trust relationships with stakeholders is done by providing transparent reporting. The Сompany strives for long-term mutually beneficial cooperation and tries to take into account all the interests and expectations of all stakeholders.

Given the diversity of our stakeholders, the Company has various mechanisms for interacting with all of them, whether they are individuals or large organizations.

Social Responsibility

The Company is a socially responsible company; being aware of our responsibility to all stakeholders, we pursue a socially oriented policy in environmental protection, regulation of labor and employment issues.

Human Rights

The Company operates in strict accordance with Kazakhstan legislation.

The principles of fundamental international documents in the area of human rights are enshrined in the Code of Business Ethics of EIC "KazakhExport" JSC, internal regulatory documents of the Company, and are integrated into corporate business processes.

The Company expects all its partners, suppliers and customers to recognize fundamental human rights and freedoms and to follow these fundamental principles of human rights in their activities.

The Company has all necessary procedures in place to respond promptly to complaints and claims in the area of human rights.

Personnel Training and Development

The main asset of the Company is highly professional personnel, motivated to work effectively.

Success in professional activity and teamwork of each of the Company's employees depends on the amount of knowledge and skills they possess. The Company provides its employees with opportunities for continuous improvement of their abilities and skills. A key aspect of the personnel training and development policy is the internal growth and professional development strategy.

During the quarantine period, a distance learning system is actively used, which contains a large number of corporate courses and multimedia manuals, providing quick and convenient access to knowledge for employees.

Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is an important link in the Company's activities, an integral component of the Company's successful development strategy. It is based on the main guidelines and values that the Company adheres to when interacting with personnel, partners and customers.

Among the key initiatives in corporate culture of the Company, the following areas can be listed:

  • Business Ethics
  • Internal communications and personnel involvement analysis
  • Corporate events

Internal communication or personnel involvement is an integral part of the Company's corporate culture and one of the main factors for improving performance. Today, the Company focuses on timely informing personnel about key changes, projects and events taking place in the Company, supporting cooperation and sharing knowledge between departments.

In order to correctly determine the direction of further development of the corporate culture and internal communications system, the Company regularly conducts sociological research. Research allows to assess the level of awareness and satisfaction of employees with personnel and social programs, identify areas of potential and existing risks, and make recommendations for the development of personnel and social policies of the Company.

Environmental Responsibility

The Company's line of business does not belong to the category that has a negative impact on the environment. The Company strives to use natural resources efficiently, thereby setting an example to all stakeholders.