Financial leasing insurance | Export insurance company «KazakhExport»

Financial leasing insurance

Financial leasing insurance is a tool that allows a Leasing company to obtain protection against the risk of non-payment by a Kazakhstan enterprise (Exporter) for equipment (transport, building) received under financial leasing under the terms of a financial leasing agreement.

Insurance procedure
  • Exporter and importer conclude a purchasing agreement
  • The importer files an application for credit/leasing to a bank/leasing company
  • «KazakhExport» concludes an insurance agreement with a bank/ leasing company
  • The bank/leasing company and importer conclude a loan/financial leasing agreement
  • The importer pays to the exporter for the goods using the borrowed money or the leasing company pays for the goods to the exporter
  • The exporter delivers the goods to the importer
  • In case of importer’s default on the loan/leasing, «KazakhExport» compensates losses to the bank/leasing company

Documents for application