Financial leasing insurance | Export credit agency of Kazakhstan

Financial leasing insurance

This tool opens up the possibility of obtaining access to leasing products for the purchase of equipment in the event of insufficient collateral and/or if the lessor is not prepared to assume the risk of the transaction in full

Insurance procedure
  • The exporter and a foreign buyer conclude an export contract
  • The foreign buyer files an application for leasing to a leasing company
  • KazakhExport concludes an insurance agreement with a leasing company
  • The leasing company and the foreign buyer conclude a financial leasing agreement
  • The foreign buyer pays the exporter for the goods using the borrowed money or the leasing company pays for the goods to the exporter
  • The exporter delivers the goods to the foreign buyer
  • In case of foreign buyer default on the leasing, KazakhExport compensates losses to the leasing company

Documents for application